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Snapchat Marketing Success


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Snapchat Marketing Success
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    Snapchat Marketing SuccessVirtually all social media sites out there have users communicating with text or chatsure, some social media sites are starting to adopt video and there is some image sharing, but at the core, comments are left and messages are sent.That is NOT the case with Snapchat.Communication is all done through images and videos with the occasional small caption.This is how the younger generation likes to communicateShort and sweet.Snapchat is one of the most unusual social networks to make it big online. You wouldn't have thought that such a simple concept, handled arguably quite poorly to begin with, would become the huge behemoth it has today. And yet it has - and right now it's flying higher than ever thanks to its 2.0 update.Snapchat's story is surprising enough on face value but when you learn some of the more surprising twists and turns, the plot only thickens. Read on and let's take a closer look at some of the things you probably didn't know about SnapchatSnapchat is Highly PersonalIf you've had your ear to the ground, then you may have heard the buzz about live streaming. Live streaming services are quickly becoming incredibly popular thanks to their ability to allow direct and live communication between a brand and its followers.But in fact, Snapchat has been providing something very similar for a long time. Snapchat allows you to update people about your trip to another country, it allows you to invite people to watch the public unveiling of your new product or service and it allows you to share a joke as you're coming out the shower. This kind of personal communication has the power to create much more engagement, familiarity and trust. And if you look at the big names on Snapchat - like Arnold Schwarzenegger - then you'll be able to easily see how it can be used to great effect.It Has Incredible EngagementYes, Snapchat's 'instant' nature gives it the potential to greatly increase engagement. And in reality, that's exactly what it does.If ever you think you can't make it big online, let Snapchat be an inspiring story to suggest otherwise. Snapchat is by no means some miracle feat of coding. Rather, this was actually a relatively poorly put together piece of code and would sap huge amounts of battery and CPU power when running in the background even! That's not to say it's a bad app - only that it's all the more impressive it was able to do as well as it did.Facebook Tried to Buy SnapchatWhen it was enjoying its first major surge in popularity, Snapchat was offered a purchase bid from Facebook worth $3 billion. That's a huge vote of confidence from the biggest social network on the planet and Snapchat turned it down!Here's Why You Need To Take A Close Look At SnapchatAlthough often overlooked, Snapchat is one of the most powerful new social networks for driving traffic onlineSnapchatis all about socialization and a great way to interact with your brandSnapchat was recently offered $3 Billion by Facebook and they turned it down this makes it clear that Snapchat is sure that it's only getting bigger and better!Engagement on Snapchat is MASSIVE, and growing because all communication is focused on image and video sharing, your audience is very attentive and interested in anything you put in front of them...Snapchat is adding 200 million new active users every single month!

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