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Smoke Signals: The Eleven Unwritten Rules of Negotiation


Smoke Signals: The Eleven Unwritten Rules of Negotiation
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    Bog, hardback
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    1. Beskrivelse

      "You cannot run an organization effectively, no matter how big or small, without negotiating with multiple vendors for office equipment, computers, vehicles and other equipment necessary to operate your core functions. "Smoke Signals" provides a realistic approach to negotiations, giving you confidence with tips to improve your effectiveness negotiating. A must have pocket-book and a sure savings for your organization."

      Jerald Paul, Deputy Chief of Police, Columbia Illinois Police Department

      This book is for anyone who wants to give themselves the best chance to buy that new car at the best price with the least anxiety. It is also for anyone who wants to buy a new home, or win that business contract, or settle a dispute. Smoke signals were used by indigenous peoples to communicate without actually talking because they did not have instant messaging or texting on their phones; how primitive! Smoke signals can also describe the un-spoken rules and mores of negotiation. Whether we are buying a home, selling a home, making a business deal or settling a lawsuit - we negotiate. This book reveals the un-spoken rules that seasoned negotiators use to make deals, and they apply to virtually every situation. Smoke Signals, The Eleven Unwritten Rules of Negotiation shows you how to put yourself in the best position to close the deal - whatever that deal is.

      George A. Kiser is a Partner at the Edwardsville, Illinois law firm of Hepler Broom and practices civil litigation. He specializes in toxic tort litigation. He has tried 29 cases to a jury verdict and argued before the Missouri Supreme Court, Seventh and Eighth Circuit U.S. Courts of Appeals, the Missouri Court of Appeals in St. Louis and the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Illinois. He has negotiated contracts for a major municipal corporation and several other clients, negotiated settlements on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits, bought and sold his own homes and bought and sold several cars. He and his wife, Kathy, have two boys and live i n Glen Carbon, Illinois.

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