Sirius, the Maker's Herald

- Book One of the Sirius Trilogy


Sirius, the Maker's Herald
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    2001 brought in the new millennium. With the New Age heralds who accompanied the new millennium come and gone, the world has moved on. This is the story of one such herald. An age-old struggle of good versus evil, Sirius, The Maker's Herald, begins in the heart of the universe, Centaurus A. He sacrifices his astral life in the stars, to be reborn on Earth as a human child named Marc Hyman, only to face a struggle with the material and spiritual courts that are doing battle for possession of his soul. Can Marc escape the clutches of death's agent until he is ready to deliver his gospel of revelations? Can he overcome against Satan's tempting offer? In a spellbinding climax, Death's steed runs amuck as minds fall prey to the satanic hex. Yet all this is only to prepare Marc for his supreme act of faith. 'Roger Zelazny, the revered fantasy and science fiction writer who died in 1995, once said of a novel he'd been asked to read, 'It has all my favorite things-blood, love, hate and a higher ideal or two.' Surely Zelazny would have heaped similar praise on Sirius, the Maker's Herald, the first in The Sirius Trilogy by Stephen R. Hawkins. After all, there can be no higher ideal than grappling realistically with the complex topic of good versus evil. Sirius is an epic struggle of darkness and light. . .a gripping tale rich in speculative theology and imagery. . . with a nail-biting. . . chilling climax.' Ellen T. Marsh, New York Times Bestselling Author

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