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Sh-Boom: The Way of the World


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Sh-Boom: The Way of the World
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Lee Denaro has awakened suddenly to the fact that he is old. The job market does not want him, despite his new PhD. Young at heart, athletic, and reasonably good-looking, on occasion he finds himself still appealing to women much younger than his actual years. Now without rose-colored glasses, he sees that plan A is a long shot. He has no plan B. But he is not giving up. He draws again closer to God to plead for a change in fate. To end a loser? No! It cannot be. Not one by nature to reminisce, nonetheless, Lee finds himself deep into introspection. Where did he go wrong? He is struggling in every manner of life. He is barely hanging on financially and finds himself alone, without a wife or a girlfriend. Meanwhile, AbigailAbby, Lees childhood crushhas her own problems. Contrary to Lee, she is married, wealthy, and bored with life. And she has another major problem. She hates sex. To get Lee, that is a major hurdle. Sh-Boom isand is nota love story. Nor is it just about a mans struggle with his god. True, it is the story of one mans life from early boyhood to late manhood. But it is more so about life itself. It is really about The Way of the Worldnot Congrevesas the protagonist himself discovered it in a drunken state in Paris. Long in volume, Sh-Boom presents an honest-to-goodness look at life with its twist and turns, highs and lows, betrayals, romance, sex, disappointments, and perhaps violence, but only in the mind of the protagonist from lifes frustrations. The action moves from California to Florida to South Carolina to Germany to Paris to Moscow to China. It is a story worth telling and a story worth reading.

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      1225 g
      44 mm
      152 mm
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      Bog, hardback
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