Sexual Language Of Strangers

- Top Rated Romantic Suspense Fiction - Recommended Read For 2018 (Paperback Book)


Sexual Language Of Strangers
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E-bog, ePub
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18 sex scenes, 16 lonely women, 5 commitment-phobic men, 1 big secret. A clever, dark drama - EsquireThe story - four men are paid to seduce and abandon...but then one of them breaks the rules.PLOT SUMMARYEccentric English millionaire Dennison Carr invents a bizarre game in which he pays a group of handpicked men to seduce women he selects at random.One of the seducers, Erskine, begins to develop feelings for one of the women - a commitment-phobic jazz singer called Natascha. As they battle against their aversion to intimacy, neither is prepared for the shocking conclusion Dennison has planned.SUMMER SETTINGThe novel is a romantic suspense love story set in London in the summer. It's not your usual summer holiday romance read, but a dark, sexually explicit mystery that twists, turns and challenges our assumptions about sex, love and relationships. The story ranks amongst the top rated thrillers and popular romantic suspense fiction books recommended for you for the Kindle or in print.HOW TO CHAT UP WOMENThe novel's suspense builds from the first page, as Dennison goes hunting for men to participate in his game seducing strangers. He offers Erskine 0 to sleep with three random females. How will he chat up the women and persuade them to have sex?A LITEROTICA ANTHOLOGY THE CHARACTERSDennison Carr - a bored millionaire who gets his kicks from manipulating the men in his game of sex.Erskine - depressed and reeling from the death of his wife, he finds a strange new purpose in seducing women.Natascha - she distrusts all men, avoids commitment, and only has brief affairs.Rossi - his mother was a French prostitute. As a child he saw men come and go. Now he too sells sex.Hof - a bad boy sex addict who lives for the thrill of seducing women.Richard - an out-of-work actor whose wife left him for someone better. Sex is his antidote for low self-esteem.18 EXPLICIT SEX SCENESThe sex is gripping, steamy, erotic and explicit. It will make you laugh, cry and gasp with shock.ADULT SEXUAL - 15 ONE-NIGHT STANDSIn their summer of sex, the men seduce a diverse array of women - single, married, divorced, etc. Tensions emerge as the men navigate how to leave the women once the seduction is over.ROMANTIC SUSPENSE FOR YOUEmotional issues abound - hearts are closed, things remain unsaid, lovers struggle to communicate - everyone is hiding something, a dark secret or mystery. The sexual misadventures of the men and women link them all, but it is love they secretly crave.SEDUCING STRANGERSFor every woman who takes the bait, the men grow in confidence, happily seducing strangers. All except Erskine. A dark secret troubles him. Natascha hates herself for having feelings for Erskine. The dark erotic charge of their sex has broken something within her, leaving her vulnerable. Does she love him now? Like Erskine, she too conceals a dark secret.PSYCHOLOGICAL MYSTERYUnspoken truths about the players in Dennisons game lurk within each thrilling story. Why are the men doing it? Is it the money, the sex, or is there another deeper psychological reason? Only Dennison seems to know.THE CONCLUSIONThe story reaches a thrilling climax when Dennison unravels secrets that shake Erskine and Natascha to their core. The most original romantic suspense fiction read of 2017 and 2018 ends suddenly with a twist you will not see until the final page.BEST RECOMMENDED READ FOR YOU IN 2018The book is a top rated novel for 2018, recommended by Esquire magazine and actor Laurence Fishburne. It is a full-length standalone romantic suspense of 70k words. Out in book and ebook format.

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