Sexting with Lara: Erotic Seduction Old and Young


Sexting with Lara: Erotic Seduction Old and Young
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Steve is a 56 year old teacher that lost his job because of his sexual perversions and addiction to dogging. Living alone after his parents passed away some 20 years ago, he'd never married but had an unusual aptitude for computers, eventually becoming a lecturer of Information Technology and programming at the University of Manchester. He first met Lara 21, several years previously when she used to work as a part time paper girl in his home village of Redbourn in Hertfordshire. Lara also lived in the village and as they saw each other often, used to say hello but nothing ever happened. A few years later, Steve landed the lecturing position and moved to Manchester. However, because he'd always found her strangely attractive, friended her on Facebook so he could follow her posts and pictures. Lara had also grown up, and unbeknownst to Steve, was studying IT at the University of Hertfordshire. She'd more or less forgotten about him as he'd left the village, and as she was now 21, had learned to drive and even had a couple of boyfriends. Not a stunner by any means, but had a tattoo on her lower back and a piercing on her eyebrow. She always dressed sexily in tight jeans or short skirts and was into the Goth style of fashion. And because of his infatuation with her small breasts and being quite short and slim, Steve found he was always going to her Facebook page and staring at her latest pictures and posts. Then one evening, after coming back from a dogging session in the woods, where he had some fun with a few other older guys and a young couple, of which, the girl was the spitting image of Lara. This turned Steve on even more and he couldn't wait to get home and pleasure himself over her pictures. And in a moment of stupidity and lust, decided to send her a message of which a sexting session ensued.Things get more serious when he finds out she's a single parent mum and just had a baby, was thrown out of her mothers house because of her West Indian step father coming on to her and ended up in a hostel. She then escaped from the police and social workers and moved in with Steve. Lots more fun when she tells Steve about the adult work she used to do online. Enter the new babysitter Shamina, an 18 year young Indian girl that escaped from an arranged marriage and her older sister Jasmit who all end up working for Steve's new webcam company. But just as everything seemed to be going well, an anonymous caller threatens him and tells him to cease trading or else. Excerpt from Chapter 2. "Well... I was about to go home but then this car drove in and parked up in the corner. At first I thought it was just another guy like myself, but when I saw a couple of guys appear out of the shadows and peering in with torches, I decided to go and take a look. That's nice Lara... keep playing with your nipples and open your legs so I can see what your wearing. Anyway, when I got near the car, this young guy had his girlfriend in the passenger seat, legs open and fingering her as she held her knickers over, staring at us guys outside. One of them had a torch and was shining it in the car so we could all see what they were doing." "I never been dogging before... so what happened next then?""Well he was fingering her as she reached up playing with her tits and her other hand was on his cock. He'd pulled it out and she was wanking him but the guys outside were all wanking as well. I suppose it must have turned her on, as we were all bigger than her boyfriend. Why don't you take your skirt off and let me see your knickers under your tights." Lara giggled as she pulled her skirt off, laying in just her tights and knickers as he took the baby oil and squirted a load on his already shiny cock. "So the next thing was, the window went down and one of the boys, asked him if we could touch and give the young lady some pleasure. He said OK, so one of the guys reached in and started playing with her tits as the other one....

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