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Serving the World

- 15 Months for the UN


Serving the World
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The World Community is facing serious challenges, and the United Nations is more important than ever before.

    Mogens Lykketoft and Mette Holm both grew up with parents who had experienced the German occupation in Denmark during WWII and feared a new world war. In the UN, they found hope of a world that could cooperate on peace, development and respect for human rights. This was part of the couple’s ballast when they ventured to the UN Headquarters New York in the summer of 2015; they are keenly aware that you cannot solve the world’s problems by isolating yourself or by interacting only with the people, with whom you agree the most.

    After 15 months’ service at the UN, the couple give an engaged and inspiring account of their work as President and ‘First Lady’ respectively of the UN 70th General Assembly. Also, they give an introduction to the UN, its special action areas and point to the future and future challenges of international cooperation.

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