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See You in the Morning: Life with my Disabled Child


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See You in the Morning: Life with my Disabled Child
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  1. Beskrivelse

    “… Mrs. Uecker’s care for her daughter with her family’s help, and the memoir she has managed in the aftermath, is an inspiration.”

    —Larry Woiwode, poet laureate of North Dakota; author, Beyond the Bedroom Wall and Words Made Fresh

    Suddenly, from out of nowhere, came a car. It appeared over the rise, in our lane of the narrow highway. It was speeding directly toward us. There wasn’t time to think or pray or cry out. The impact—a deafening pandemonium of smashing metal and shattering glass. Swirling dust. Then silence. … Then we both looked into the back seat, where five-year-old Sherida lay … She looked as if she were asleep, except for one small trickle of blood making its way from her nostril to her upper lip. Within seconds, our life as a family had changed forever.

    See You in the Morning tells the moving story of one family’s courageous struggle in caring for their injured child following a horrific accident. Caused by a drunk driver, this wreck resulted in irreversible injury to a promising, beautiful girl. From the first agonizing days of Sherida’s traumatic head injury through decades of intensive home care, author Edna Uecker shares how she learned to accept heartbreaking realities, let go of unfulfilled dreams for her beloved daughter, and find the unexpected joy in the daily life of her family’s new existence.

    Uecker’s introspective prose is infused with a sense of reverence, uncompromising love, and incredible wonder. Brave, funny, and deeply spiritual, this memoir will comfort and inspire those facing similar challenges. See You in the Morning takes you into the heart of a family creating a life filled with unconditional love for their injured child in a supportive home environment.

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