Bog, paperback School Leadership and Education System Reform af Peter Earley

School Leadership and Education System Reform

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How can school leaders shape organisations that offer consistently high quality, rounded and equitable education in the context of rapid change?How can wider school systems support and encourage all schools to succeed in this way?School Leadership and Education System Reform considers the ways in which school leadership and its practice has changed and developed in response to a rapidly changing educational scenario over the last decade to meet the ever-growing and changing demands of children, policy-makers and other stakeholders and considers future developments. Drawing together leading thinkers and researchers in the field of leadership and management this text takes an international perspective to consider what we know about school leadership and learning, and its practice. Theoretically and conceptually informed, the contributors draw on recent empirical research studies into leadership, learning and system reform to explore the key areas of school leadership and management with specific reference to student, adult and organisational learning.Key topics covered include:* The relationship between leadership and student learning* How leaders foster professional learning and evidence-informed improvement* The changing role and nature of accountability* System leadership and governance in networked systems* The balance between accountability, markets, and networks in `self-improving' school systems* Emerging challenges and opportunities for leaders, such as the implications of new technologiesEssential reading for those on postgraduate courses on leadership and management and those looking to develop their leadership practice, School Leadership and Education System Reform clearly sets out the key issues and provides discussion points and suggests resources to support and guide the reader through the wealth of information.

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