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Rich Bitch

- A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together... Finally


Rich Bitch
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    Take control of yourmoney--and your life--now.Forget everything you'veever learned about money: this is not your ordinary finance book. Financialjournalist Nicole Lapin knows money and has rewritten the rules with thisrefreshing and accessible guide to understanding money basics writtenespecially for you.Should you buy or lease acar? Should you buy a home or rent? How much do you need to save, and howshould you save it? What should you do about your debt? How much should you bespending? What kind of insurance do you need? These are all importantquestions. But first you need to ask yourself how you want to live and how you will get there.There are some hard-and-fast rules about finance, sure, but when it comes to your money, the onlyperson who can tell you how to spend it is you. With her twelve-step, twelve-month program, Lapin will show you how to create a tailored planfor your finances that makes sense for your income, debt, spending habits, andplans for the future. Along the way, she busts the old money myths that haven'tgotten us anywhere and teaches you the ABCs of finance, from assets to zerodown and everything in between, all in a language you can understand.The sooner you can speakthe language of money, the sooner you can live the life you want. Lapin guides you step by step, first showing you how to make a list of goals, then devisinga plan to make sure you achieve them--debt free, worry free, and in control.It's time to stop fearing finances and let RichBitch help you face the facts. You're not alone in this anymore!

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      Offers a guide to understanding money by busting unhelpful myths, providing methods to pay down debts and by helping listeners tailor a plan for their own personal finances based on income, debt, spending, and future plans.

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