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    Bog, hardback
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      Facebook united Allison Braden to a daughter she never met or knew, or even gave birth to. RECONNECTED: A NOVEL SYNOPSIS ALLISON BRADEN is content with how her life unfolds in front of her. With a high-paying job as a scientist in a small biotechnology company, and a very understanding boyfriend, Alli could not ask for more, yet her past shakes-up her serene life. At 38, Alli has made peace with a life without children to tend to, and settled with JAMES, a lawyer who lost faith in the institution of marriage and even raising a family. But with a click of the mouse, Alli's life changes. She discovers, through Facebook, that she has a daughter halfway around the globe. ALLYSON is Alli's daughter, a cute little girl named after her; a daughter she never met or knew, or even gave birth to. PROLOGUE The cursor was pointed at a small photo. The profile picture was only a little larger than a thumbnail. Alli leaned back, not sure if the features in the picture she was looking at resembled most of hers. Aware that the mind can play tricks, she moved forward and studied the picture again. Is she only seeing what she wanted to see? The beating of her heart increased. She clicked the photo, hoping to enlarge the frame, but the picture remained small. She stared and stared and stared, hypnotized by the computer screen. *** Scientist by day, novelist by night. Emilio Cagmat is a chemist, moonlighting as a storyteller. During the day, he's toiling in a lab of a small start-up biotech company, trying to discover new drugs in the fight against traumatic brain injury (or TBI: that nasty concussions on the football field and on war zone blasts). When night time comes, he's in front of his computer, typing words and sentences, creating stories. He lives in Gainesville, Florida, with his wife Joy and 5-year old son Koji. His next novel will be Love After War.

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