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Raising the Runes


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Raising the Runes
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The book Raising the Runes: A Shamanic Journey Through Avalon is more than a how-to-read-the-runes manual. Author Jeremy R. J. White's mission in writing it was to let the reader know how the runes changed his life, and to inspire others to take up reading the runes as a challenge to the self. The old way of going to a shaman, psychic or ';fortune teller' and giving them the power to tell the story of a seeker's own inner wisdom is over. Only you can read the runes for yourself and then learn to live by their guidance. In Raising the Runes, readers learn to choose a rune, call in spirit guides, do a chant of protection and lift the veil between realms of conscious perception. As you read the stories of the runes, keep an open mind and let the source of the runes flow through you.Odin, the Great Father, will lead you to write your own holy book, and show you a better way to live. Each man or woman's runic journey is completely their own, but there is much joy when two or more meet to discuss their experiences with each individual rune.Each person's quest is a road of wisdom. The runic path of exploration has been blocked by dogma for centuries. It is only now, at the beginning of the 21st century that the road ahead is clear. The more we talk about and share experiences with the runes, the well of knowledge, wisdom, self-empowerment and love grows larger. Each generation must take a few more steps further on this road. In the words of Odin: ';Blessings to all who find new life in the old ways.'

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    E-bog, ePub
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