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Putting On My Good Face: (Making the Best of a Bad Lot)


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Putting On My Good Face: (Making the Best of a Bad Lot)
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Written for people who have worn out a worn out mask their whole lives, depending on who theyre hiding to seek or seeking to hide, Putting On My Good Face contains more than 2,500 jokes and one-liners that offers readers an example of how to look good, regardless of how bad it can be, from the wonders of pre-conception to the bitter end of story. Willidau has danced to his own soundtrack, wasted his time being wasted by it, been uninspiring to others, become the fiction hes read of, tuned himself in to channel two, and fought the mother of all internal battles with himself for complete control of his mind, just to end up with more questions than answers of who he should be and when to be it. Ken Willidaus philosophy is that if you have to be two-faced, you should at least know when to be the right one, at the right place and the right time, and not trying to be a one-face who no one likes everywhere, all the time. Willidau takes the best that he has been and disguises it as the best he can only be, trying to get everyone to where his bad doesnt lie and his good is his truth you cant go wrong with as long as its right with you. Chapters face what faces us all in life and, just between me and you, deals with the truths you shouldnt really believe you see but the truth is seeing is believing. Among them, Is Without a Face, Filling My Face, Facing the Music, Down in the Face, and Placing a Face make you face up to the mask youre wearing through life. The time is spent with one of two sides of a double entendre joker using dark and light humour, insults masked as jokes, punchlines and slapstick humour. Spending your time with Ken will make you think all is right and good in his world after hes left to badmouth it to others. Putting On My Good Face is a perfect read for those times when you know who you arent and want to do it to the best of your abilities, too. To be seen to be believed, but not believing whats being seen. Lets bury our faces.

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      526 g
      18 mm
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      Bog, hardback
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