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Punishable Offenses


Punishable Offenses
E-bog, ePub (kr. 65,63) (kr. 65,63)
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E-bog, ePub
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Madeleine is a beautiful young woman married to the wealthy and charming Robbie McKellar. Their once vibrant and often kinky sex life is destroyed when Robbie is confined to a wheelchair after he's wounded in the war. Though she does her best to adjust to her new life, Madeleine's passionate and unguarded need for sex sends her on Wednesday afternoon rendezvous with a bottle of Vodka, in a cheap motel, where she ruthlessly masturbates in scenes that are as disturbing as they are sexually satiating. Her fantasies about a sexual master lead her down the dark roads of submission and perversion. She binds her body, spanks herself and finally attempts an anal rape with an enormous dildo. Wracked by guilt and shame, Madeleine abruptly ends her weekly romps, but her punishing desires only become more demanding. Twice in her past Madeleine has succumbed to sexual clashes with an old friend of the McKellar family, political writer Daniel Prothero. In stolen moments of unbridled passion, Daniel forced her to confront the truth about her submissive nature. Though she once swore him off, it is to Daniel that Madeleine turns when her savage desires cannot be contained. She proposes that he take over the punishment and abuse she's come to crave. Soon, his domination of her becomes as determined and relentless as her wildest fantasies, opening up shocking new places of depravity in this once respectable young wife. But what happens when Robbie sees the evidence of punishment on her well-marked flesh and she's forced to confess the truth about her shameful infidelity? Will Robbie throw her out or will he choose to punish her himself?

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    Pink Flamingo
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