Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies Volume 33 2003

- Papers from the Thirty-sixth Meeting of the Seminar for Arabian Studies Held in London, 18-20 July 2002, 2003


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Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies Volume 33 2003
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CONTENTS: THE ARCHAEOLOGY AND HISTORY OF OMAN AND THE GULF: Peter Magee, New chronometric data defining the Iron Age II period in south-eastern Arabia; Vincent Charpentier, Philippe Marquis & Eric Pelle, La necropole et les derniers horizons Ve millenaire du site de Gorbat al-Mahar (Suwayh, SWY-1, Sultanat d'Oman) : premiers resultats; Jutta Haser, Archaeological results of the 1999 and 2000 survey campaigns in Wadi Bani Awf and the region of al-Hamra (Central Oman); Cecile Monchablon, Remy Crassard, Olivia Munoz, Herve Guy, Gaelle Bruley-Chabot & Serge Cleuziou, Excavations at Ra's al-Jinz RJ-1: stratigraphy without tells; Tom Vosmer, The Magan Boat Project: a process of discovery, a discovery of process; Anne Benoist, Michel Mouton & Jeremie Schiettecatte, The artefacts from the fort at Mleiha: distribution, origins, trade and dating; Ali Tigani ElMahi & Moawiyah Ibrahim, Two seasons of investigations at Manal site in the Wadi Samayil area, Sultanate of Oman; Soumyen Bandyopadhyay & Magda Sibley, The distinctive typology of central Omani mosques: its nature and antecedents; Caesar E. Farah, Anglo-Ottoman confrontation in the Persian Gulf in the late 19th and early 20th centuries; COMPARATIVE WATER SYSTEMS: Miquel Barcelo, Julian Ortega, Arcadi Piera & Josep Torro, The Search for the Hararah asdad in the area of Zafar, Governorate of Ibb, Yemen; Helena Kirchner, Ma'jil: a type of hydraulic system in Yemen and in al-Andalus?; THE ARCHAEOLOGY AND HISTORY OF PRE-ISLAMIC YEMEN: T.J. Wilkinson, The organization of settlement in highland Yemen during the Bronze and Iron Ages; Frank Braemer, Serge Cleuziou & Tara Steimer, Dolmen-like structures: some unusual funerary monuments in Yemen; William D. Glanzman, An examination of the building campaign of Yada il Dharih bin Sumhu'alay, mukarrib of Saba', in light of recent archaeology; Jean-Francois Breton, Preliminary notes on the development of Shabwa; Christian Darles, Les fortifications de Shabwa, capitale du royaume de Hadramawt; Jan Retsoe, When did Yemen become Arabia felix?; The epigraphy of pre-Islamic Yemen; Joseph L. Daniels, Landscape graffiti in the Dhamar Plains and its relation to mountain-top religious practice; Serguei A. Frantsouzof, The Hadramitic funerary inscription from the cave-tomb at al-Rukbah (Wadi Ghabr, Inland Hadramawt) and burial ceremonies in ancient Hadramawt; Peter Stein, The inscribed wooden sticks of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich; Mohammed Maraqten, Some notes on Sabaic epistolography; YEMEN IN THE ISLAMIC PERIOD: A. Rougeulle, Excavations at Sharmah, Hadramawt the 2001 and 2002 seasons; Noha Sadek, a'izz, capital of the Rasulid dynasty in Yemen; ETHNOGRAPHY IN YEMEN: Vitaly Naumkin & Victor Porkhomovsky, Oral poetry in the Soqotran socio-cultural context. The case of the ritual song The girl and the jinn; Miranda Morris, The Soqotra Archipelago: concepts of good health and everyday remedies for illness; Ester Muchawsky-Schnapper, Children's attire in early 20th-century San'a' as a socio-cultural paradigm. Orders from Archaeopress.

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