Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies Volume 40 2010

- Papers from the Forty-third Meeting, London, 23-25 July 2009 (v. 40: Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies)


indgår i serie Seminar for Arabian Studies

Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies Volume 40 2010
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Volume Contents: The Qatar National Historic Environment Record: a bespoke cultural resource management tool and the wider implications for heritage management within the region (Rebecca Beardmore et al.); Preliminary pottery study: Murwab horizon in progress, ninth century AD, Qatar (Alexandrine Guerin); Excavations and survey at al-Ruwaydah, a late Islamic site in northern Qatar (Andrew Petersen & Tony Grey); Al-Zubarah and its hinterland, north Qatar: excavations and survey, spring 2009 (Alan Walmsley et al.); A possible Upper Palaeolithic and Early Holocene flint scatter at Ra's Ushayriq, western Qatar (Faisal Abdulla Al-Naimi et al.); The dhow's last redoubt? Vestiges of wooden boatbuilding traditions in Yemen (Dionisius A. Agius et al.); Building materials in South Arabian inscriptions: observations on some problems concerning the study of architectural lexicography (Alessio Agostini); Conflation of celestial and physical topographies in the Omani decorated mihrab (Soumyen Bandyopadhyay); Al-Balid ship timbers: preliminary overview and comparisons (Luca Belfioretti & Tom Vosmer); Fouilles a Masafi-3 en 2009 (Emirat de Fujayrah, Emirats Arabes Unis): premieres observations a propos d'un espace cultuel de l'Age du Fer nouvellement decouvert en Arabie orientale (Anne Benoist); First investigations at the Wadi al-Ayn tombs, Oman (poster) (Manfred Boehme); Glass bangles of al-Shihr, Hadramawt (fourteenth-nineteenth centuries), a corpus of new data for the understanding of glass bangle manufacture in Yemen (Stephanie Boulogne & Claire Hardy-Guilbert); L'emploi du bois dans l'architecture du Yemen antique (Christian Darles); Once more on the interpretation of mtl in Epigraphic South Arabian (a new expiatory inscription on irrigation from Kamna) (Serge A. Frantsouzoff); New evidence on the use of implements in al-Madam area, Sharjah, UAE (Alejandro Gallego Lopez); The first three campaigns (2007-2009) of the survey at Adam (Sultanate of Oman) (Jessica Giraud et al.); A new approach to central Omani prehistory (Reto Jagher & Christine Pumpin); Umm an-Nar settlement in the Wadi Andam (Sultanate of Oman) (Nasser al-Jahwari & Derek Kennet); Mapping Masna at Maryah: using GIS to reconstruct the development of a multi-period site in the highlands of Yemen (Krista Lewis et al.); Written Mahri, Mahri fusha and their implications for early historical Arabic (Samuel Liebhaber); How difficult is it to dedicate a statue? A new approach to some Sabaic inscriptions from Mahrib (Anne Multhoff); The semantic structure of motion verbs in the dialect of Zabid (Yemen) (Samia Naim); Preliminary results of the Dhofar archaeological survey (Lynne S. Newton & Juris Zarins); An early MIS3 wet phase at palaeolake aqabah: preliminary interpretation of the multi-proxy record (Ash Parton et al.); South Arabian inscriptions from the Farasan Islands (Saudi Arabia) (Solene Marion de Proce & Carl Phillips); The 'River Aftan': an old caravan/trade route along Wadi al-Sahbam (Nabiel Y. Al Shaikh & Claire Reeler); The Wadi Suq pottery: a typological study of the pottery assemblage at Hili 8 (UAE) (Sabrina Righetti & Serge Cleuziou); A arf talisman from Ghayl Ba Wazir, Hadramawt (Mikhail Rodionov); The Qalhat Project: new research at the medieval harbour site of Qalhat, Oman (2008) (Axelle Rougeulle); Irrigation management in pre-Islamic South Arabia according to the epigraphic evidence (Peter Stein); A detective story: emphatics in Mehri (Janet C.E. Watson & Alex Bellem); Shell mounds of the Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabia (M.G.M. Williams); The Almaqah temple of Meqaber Ga'ewa near Wuqro (Tigray, Ethiopia) (Pawel Wolf & Ulrike Nowotnick).

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2010 ed.
Bibliotekernes beskrivelse Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 2009. Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white

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