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Probing the Frontiers of Biblical Studies

Probing the Frontiers of Biblical Studies
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Bog, hardback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Description: Probing the Frontiers of Biblical Studies is a seventeen-chapter anthology on biblical studies. It has been crafted as an extended and respectful thank you note to one of the most insightful scholars of biblical studies, David J. A. Clines of Sheffield University in England. He is credited with providing guidance to, and shaping the thought of, two generations of scholars who focus on essential approaches to understanding the Bible, with particular attention given to the Old Testament and allied literature. The anthology is directed toward those readers with pastoral, analytical, ancient intercultural, as well as contemporary cultural perspectives. Essays address a wide range of topics: the so-called Documentary Hypothesis, prophecy, divination, and magic, the wisdom themes in the Book of Job, the Egyptian influence on New Testament, the issue of non-sexual love between two men during combat conditions, character development in a biblical novella, rhetorical questions and their role in the Psalter, and the ways of God in the world. By combining these various topics, Probing the Frontier of Biblical Studies has addressed many of the outstanding issues in Old Testament study and ancillary disciplines. Endorsements: ""David Clines has spent his scholarly career on the frontiers of biblical studies, with a commitment to relate his discoveries and insights to the complexities of our contemporary world. This collection of essays in his honor, written by distinguished colleagues, is a fitting tribute to his work and a serious engagement with it. They probe further along the frontier where Clines has led the way. These essays offer both a model of pioneering Biblical scholarship and a pointer to fresh and exciting new explorations of this frontier."" --Peter Rodgers, Fuller Theological Seminary ""An encomium to the TaNaK or Old Testament with articles gathered from four perspectives: pastoral, academic, intercultural, and cultural. The premise set out by the editors is that the Old Testament is 'paradigmatic for the entire Western World.' Twelve scholars elucidate in the 'language of the people' the diverse values of the TaNaK by examining selected stories, personalities, and poems. This 'frontiers' volume shows how the Old Testament can stimulate a conversation between text and thought, action and reflection. The volume is not only an encomium to the TaNaK but also an encomium to the one to whom it is dedicated, David J. A. Clines."" --Kent Harold Richards, Emory University About the Contributor(s): J. Harold Ellens, a retired professor of psychology and biblical studies, is Research Scholar at the University of Michigan and Founding Editor and Editor in Chief Emeritus of The Journal of Psychology and Christianity. John T. Greene is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at Michigan State University.

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