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President Zombie


President Zombie
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    Bog, hardback
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Over just a few short days, a zombie virus has killed and risen one-third of the world's population. One of the undead is unique among the rest. His eyes glow with a green light. His consciousness is fully present, but he cannot speak. What sets him apart is a supposed cure for the virus that he took just before his death, but it did not work as promised. This man is President Adam Chambers. 

      He knows that while his fellow zombies pay him no mind, any human he encounters will try to put him down for good. Will he keep his head out the crosshairs long enough to regain his ability to speak? Will he establish peaceful contact with the living and continue his quest to bring those responsible for the zombie virus to justice?

      While the President journeys on his missions, the group of Reggie, Patrick, Kayla, Dez, and Bethany continue their journey of trying to stay alive and apply their years of movie watching and gaming in zombie scenarios to the actual zombie apocalypse. Not everyone they encounter, however, is as eager to unite and help humanity survive as they are.

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