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Power and Purpose


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Power and Purpose
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    1. Beskrivelse

      The book of Revelation is confusing to read. Images of beasts, trumpets, plagues, and even dragons fill its pages. In his book, Power and Purpose, Russ Lackey guides readers on an adventure through the harrowing pages of Revelation in a clear and accessible way. Along the journey, issues such as economic and political injustice, ecology, evangelism, and synthesizing faith with everyday life are raised with the hope of Christ woven throughout. The main question of the book is not how does a person escape this world, rather, who is the Lord of this world? Christians who pick up Revelation with this question in mind do not try to escape society, rather, they work to reform it. Doing this they discover that true power and purpose comes from Christ, the Lamb who was slain. This is a must read for anyone desiring to better understand the book of Revelation. ""Lackey blends a rich understanding of his subject with practical insights gained through his role as a campus pastor. He provides a vital resource for our perplexing times. Normally, I discourage new students of Christianity from jumping into discussions of Revelation too quickly, but in this case, I can enthusiastically recommend it to all, since it presents God's cosmic story in a fresh but faithful manner. This is a gem."" --Jeff Mallinson, Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Concordia University, Irvine; Co-Host, Virtue in the Wasteland Podcast   ""In Power and Purpose, Russell Lackey shines a much needed clarifying light into at least two 'rooms' where the church too often trips in the darkness--the Book of Revelation and young adults. These are areas where Lackey excels based on his life experience and ministry passions, making this a must-read for all. Open up this illuminating and scholarly work filled with new insights, and you'll see the light!"" --Mike Housholder, Senior Pastor, Lutheran Church of Hope  ""Jesus Christ is Lord over death and Lord over life. In Power and Purpose, Lackey opens up Revelation in a faithful and pastoral manner. This book reveals fresh and inspiring insights into our Lord's life-giving purpose. A must-read for all, especially young adults."" --Mark Mattes, Chair of Theology and Philosophy, Grand View University, Des Moines; Associate Editor, Lutheran Quarterly Russell Lackey is the Senior Campus Pastor at Grand View University as well as the historic Luther Memorial Church in Des Moines, Iowa.

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