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Poems of the Glorious Morning

- 20 Christian Life Inspiring Poems


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Poems of the Glorious Morning
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The entire poems in this piece were written at different times, under different moods and for different kinds of people. Needful to point out, the majority of the poems were written at nights. It took the writer about two years to compose and organise this work in readiness for publication, while it took another ten year period to have this work printed for the first time. The two year-span employed to compose and organise this work was not due to inspirational leakage, but rather as a result of inconsistency and a darkened understanding of the Holy Spirit's import of such inspiration, and also of discouragement by some 'good fellows'. But thanks to Spirit of the Father and some beloved friends. Being a poetic piece, this work is not without some poetic attributes such as rhyming, inversions just to mention but a few. I plead that every reader of this work grants me poetic licence. The poems in this piece differs in style- some are story-like; some, song-like with choruses; some pointing to personal life experiences; and some others quoted from Bible passages. Whichever be the case, they are all geared towards offering comfort, guidance, revival and warning to the reader about God's love, faithfulness, expectation as well as God's reprimand for transgression. It is a piece for sinners, the free thinkers, backsliders as well as Christian believers- whether lukewarm, carnal, persecuted or strongly rooted. It is for Christian leaders, workers and members alike. I pray that God will through His Eternal Spirit, use this inspirational piece to transform and turn you, the reader around for good in Jesus name, Amen Peace

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