Person-centred Communication: Theory, Skills and Practice

- Theory, Skills & Practice


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Person-centred Communication: Theory, Skills and Practice
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Person-centred communication involves significant and empathic perception and understanding of oneself and others. This book uses the humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers to offer a comprehensive person-centred communication framework, which the authors have tried and tested in therapeutic, education and management practice. Skilfully blending theory with practice, the authors explain the core skills of person-centred communication. There are reflective exercises and conversation transcripts from a variety of settings, along with many examples from therapy and related helping professions. These span diverse life situations and applications, including:One-to-one work with clientsTeamwork and groupworkLifelong learningReflectionOnline and other written forms of communication Exploring these real life situations offers invaluable inspiration to therapists, students and trainees as well as practitioners in the helping professions. This book will help you to process your experiences more sensitively, thus improving your own practice, relationships, and teamwork. "This inspiring work is not primarily about counselling practice; it is a book that encapsulates the nature of the person-centred approach (PCA) as a 'way of being' rather than a school of therapy ... In my opinion this book should be read by every potential power wielding human being likely to make any impact on the world!"Therapy Today, October 2014"This book shows the incredible value of person-centred communication to educators, psychologists and leaders, anyone interested in effective, helpful and growthful human relationships will find this an excellent resource."Stephen Joseph, Professor of Psychology, Health and Social Care, University of Nottingham, UK"No matter what your field or context, Person-centred Communication offers a path to a more meaningful, successful life. As researchers and practitioners with a wealth of experience, Renate and Ladislav share their communication expertise in management, information technology, education, psychology, psychotherapy, and everyday life. They find beautiful and time-tested ways to share how communication can be enhanced to help you live a more satisfying life. The book is easy to read, with rich content and helpful organizers, such as text boxes and hands-on activities to help transfer your learning into all areas of your life." Jeffrey H. D. Cornelius-White, Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator of Counseling, Missouri State University, USA"This book presents a very good understanding of theory and practice of the person -centred approach and I believe it can be helpful for the professional and student interested in person centred communication. The authors' presentation of live case examples, personal experiences, questions asking the reader to reflect and the connections they make with other sources pertaining to subjects outside the Person Centred way, makes for an enjoyable and valuable reading."Antonio Monteiro dos Santos, Clinical, Coaching & Counselling Psychologist, USA and Brazil"The authors bring together modern scientific data, practice and everyday experience to reveal the depth and power of person-centred communication. In a continuing dialogue with the reader they inspire and guide through case scenarios, suggestions for reflections and exercises - to develop one's own unique person-centred way of communication." Veniamin Kolpachnikov, Associated Professor, Higher School of Economics, National Research University, Moscow, Russia "Carl Rogers was the greatest influence on our culture of interpersonal communication in the past century, as the originator of what we now refer to as active listening. One of the most ardent and sincere advocates of explaining Rogers to the current generation is Renate Motschnig. In this book, she and her colleague, Ladislav Nykl, do an excellent job of illustrating the importance of the person-centred approach, with moving stories and systemic applications. This is a great book at the right time for all those interested in avoiding power struggles, communication breakdowns and even those little personal wars that constantly wear us down. This book, in other words, can change your life for the better!"David Ryback, President of EQ Associates International and author of Putting Emotional Intelligence to Work, ConnectAbility and over 60 professional articles"The authors demonstrate how the person-centered approach is universally applicable and confirm its effectiveness in both the therapeutic and non-therapeutic context." Eva Sollarova, Professor of Psychology and Dean, Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovakia"I enjoyed the authors' lively discussion in this new book from several perspectives, as it touches on communication in teaching, research, and psychotherapy. As an academic, I particularly value the integrated approach of the book, which combines a clear presentation of scientific theories with the practical experience of both authors. It makes the book a great instrument for teaching but also, particularly, in learning and personal development - and so I would recommend the book to anyone doing one-to-one work with others, or anyone interested in the subject of understanding oneself and others in communication.At the end, a very personal insight of the authors is included; it is a feature that one usually does not see in a book on communication but it a welcome addition that makes the book all the more authentic. Last but not least, the book contains a rich set of bibliographical references for further reading."Tomas Pitner, PhD, Associate Professor, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic"I think this book can claim to be different. It takes Rogers' humanistic view of the person - the basic 'attitudes' of acceptance, empathic understanding and congruence, and the way they are applied in person-centred counselling and psychotherapy - and develops these as 'a way of being' applicable to wider life situations." Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal, January 2015

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