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Performing Architectures


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Performing Architectures
  • Forlagets pris kr. 919,95
  • Leveringstid 2-4 hverdage
  • Forventet levering 29-06-2018
  • Bog, hardback (kr. 614,95) (kr. 614,95)
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      20 bw illus

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      Bog, paperback

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      500 g
      156 mm
      234 mm
      Bog, hardback
      • Bibliotekernes beskrivelse

        Performing Architectures offers a coherent introduction to the fields of performance and contemporary architecture, exploring the significance of architecture for performance theory and theatre and performance practice. It maps the diverse relations that exist between these disciplines and demonstrates how their aims, concerns and practices overlap through shared interests in space, action and event. Through a wide range of international examples and contributions from scholars and practitioners, it offers readers an analytical survey of current practices and equips them with the tools for analyzing site-specific and immersive theatre and performance.The essays in this volume, contributed by leading theorists and practitioners from both disciplines, focus on three key sites of encounter:* Projects: examines recent trends in architecture for performance; * Practices: looks at cross-currents in artistic practice, including spatial dramaturgies, performance architectonics and performative architectures; and * Pedagogies: considers the uses of performance in architectural education and architecture in teaching performance.The volume provides an essential introduction to the ways in which performance and architecture, as socio-spatial processes and as things made or constructed, operate as generating, shaping and steering forces in understanding and performing the other.

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