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Pennsylvania Legal Research


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Pennsylvania Legal Research
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Bog, paperback (kr. 219,95) (kr. 269,95)
  1. Beskrivelse

    Pennsylvania Legal Research, now in its second edition, was written to provide a practical introduction to legal research with a special focus on Pennsylvania. It is intended to be of use to students who are beginning their legal careers; to practitioners who may need a concise description of research tools they have not used extensively; to attorneys from other jurisdictions who are experienced legal researchers, but who lack familiarity with basic Pennsylvania sources; and to anyone who needs a practical introduction to legal research, with a focus on Pennsylvania law.The second edition begins with an overview of the legal research process and a discussion of research methods. The next chapters describe the more specific steps involved in finding and analyzing judicial opinions, statutes, legislative history, constitutional law, administrative law, and rules of court. The original chapter on secondary sources has been expanded and divided into two chapters, Secondary Sources and Practice Materials. This division reinforces the distinction between more scholarly sources, which may be cited as persuasive authority, and more practice-oriented sources, which are useful research tools without being cited themselves. At the end of the book, an Appendix provides guidance on incorporating legal citations into documents, and highlights citation issues that frequently arise when citing Pennsylvania sources. Updating tools are discussed throughout the book rather than in a separate chapter.

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    336 g
    13 mm
    152 mm
    Bog, paperback
    For higher education, universities
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