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Pediatric Therapy

- An Interprofessional Framework for Practice


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Pediatric Therapy
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Research has become increasingly clear regarding the benefits of interprofessional collaborations in health care. Pediatric therapists have long recognized that coordinated care and advocacy for children and their families promote healthy growth, development, and participation in a wide range of environments. To this end, Pediatric Therapy: An Interprofessional Framework for Practice has been designed to engage students and clinicians in interprofessional learning experiences that cultivate collaborative practice and optimize the outcomes of those served.

    Dr. Catherine Rush Thompson and her team of contributors represent years of experience across the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology. Rather than discussing each of these fields in isolation, however, the text explores professional roles and responsibilities, emphasizing essential skills needed for collaboration in a range of pediatric settings.

    Key Interprofessional Concepts Covered: Foundations and philosophies that serve as a basis for pediatric careAssessing infants, children, youth, and adolescents in various situationsLegal and ethical considerations impacting pediatric careUnique issues encountered in settings where pediatric therapies are offeredUsing current evidence and the clinical reasoning process for designing and modifying interventions

    Each section of Pediatric Therapy offers case-based learning activities requiring interprofessional collaboration for clinical reasoning to optimize care. This approach encourages an appreciation of the importance of holistic care, as well as an understanding of the roles, frames of reference, and approaches favored by each discipline.

    Pediatric therapists and others who work in healthcare and educational settings will appreciate Pediatric Therapy: An Interprofessional Framework for Practice as a guide for developing the interprofessional competencies needed to achieve desired outcomes for children and their families.

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