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    Passion, Pinot & Savvy offers a unique insight into New Zealand's modern and exquisite wine industry, through the eyes of 16 women winemakers passionate about their craft. The book profiles 16 successful winemakers and covers the most vital aspects of modern winemaking in New Zealand, with the views of these articulate women on key issues in the world's youngest wine country. Extensive background detail and reference links make Passion, Pinot & Savvy an invaluable general reference for wine aficionados curious about New Zealand wine; but more than that, it’s a great read about 16 personal journeys by 16 very savvy women.New Zealand is world-famous for its distinctive, fresh, herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc, and outstanding, world-class Pinot Noir ... however, the winemakers also focus on delectable aromatics and Chardonnay, rich Cabernets, sparkling wines, and dessert wines to die for…But did you know: New Zealand only produces 0.2-0.4% of the world's total wine production. Despite its modest production, New Zealand has in the last couple of decades become a very famous player on the international wine stage, and New Zealand's prominence in the world of wine far exceeds this modest production. The interest media and wine lovers around the world have in drinking and learning about New Zealand wine is phenomenal - hence the time is ripe for Passion, Pinot & Savvy.Author Kirsten Rødsgaard-Mathiesen is an international freelance journalist based in New Zealand. Her journalistic career spans more than 20 years. As a news and feature journalist for TV and print media she has covered a vast number of subjects in her native Denmark as well as overseas. Since moving to New Zealand in 2002, she has focused on some of her passions: design, travel, food and wine.Thanks to mingling and mixing with lots of wine people from all over New Zealand, attending uncountable wine-tastings and writing about wine, she has gathered a fair bit of knowledge about the country's modern wine industry. She now shares this knowledge in Passion, Pinot & Savvy. Words: 92.670

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