Organizational Behavior

- Global Multicultural Perspective (First Edition)


Organizational Behavior
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    1. Beskrivelse

      In the field of global business, managers must understand and promote the pride of all cultures in both their home and host countries. Organizational Behavior: Global Multicultural Perspectives, reflects the authors' passion for, and deep commitment to, a multicultural, multi-faceted understanding of human behavior and its impact on the workplace. In today's increasingly global interdependent companies and economies it is necessary for professionals to fully comprehend the synergistic roles played by regional, governmental, and religious forces. This comprehensive volume is a crucial resource for every manager who belongs to social organizations, as well as students of both domestic and international business, political science, public administration, and medical and health organizations, including hospitals and research centers. By helping students understand specific cultural identities, the text enables them to become multicultural, multinational managers who can build their own cultural philosophies and match their corporate fitness to different business environments.

      Since organizational behavior is a multi-disciplinary area covering an enormous social, intellectual, cultural, and psychological territory, this text analyzes material from many different disciplines. By providing a perspective that is quite broad, yet also very deep and detailed, the text gives students a meaningful, comprehensive view of organizational behavior in all its many diverse interpretations.

      Chapters in the book include the following:

      - Understanding the Complexity of Social Behavior and Human Relations in Organizations

      - Cultural Philosophical, Biosophical, and Technosophical Behavior

      - Encephalization of Human Behavior in Organizations

      - Foundations of Individual Identity

      - Understanding and Measuring Individual Personality

      - Contemporary Multicultural Knowledge-based Organizational Behavior

      - Five modes of Managerial and Leadership Behavior and Group Dynamics

      Kamal Dean Parhizgar, Ph.D., is Professor of Management and International Business Ethics at Texas A&M International University. He has taught at numerous universities including California State universities, George Mason University, and Georgetown University. Professor Parhizgar received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Shiraz and the University of Teheran. He received his Ph.D. in Management of Higher Education Systems from Northwestern University and he spent his Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at Northwestern s Kellogg School of Management. Professor Parhizgar's many published works include the books Multicultural Behavior and Global Business Environments, Multicultural Business Ethics and Global Managerial Moral Reasoning, Multicultural Biomedical Ethics and Global Biospherical Moral Logic, and Multicultural Ethical Clinical Interventions. He has published more than fifty articles in refereed journals and published more than two hundred research papers in academic conference proceedings.

      Fuzhan F. Parhizgar received her MD and HOMA degrees from Texas Tech University School of Medicine. She is currently in a residency program at UMC, the Nevada Medical School in Las Vegas. Dr. Parhizgar also received her MBA from the College of Business Administration, Texas Tech University, Lubbock. She co-authored the book Multicultural Teachers' Ethics and has written many articles in refereed academic and professional medical journals. Her articles have been published at the World Business Congress, the International Trade and Finance Association, the Academy of International Business and Economics, the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines, the Journal of Competitiveness Review, and the Journal of Border Educational Research."

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