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Opening a Restaurant

- From Inception to Reception


Opening a Restaurant
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    Bog, paperback
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    1. Beskrivelse

      This easy-to-read volume includes everything you need to open and run a successful restaurant:

      Checklists to help you through every step of the project and keep you on track Sample manuals, business plans, contracts, and more Tips on defining your public and designing your space Shopping lists Job descriptions and hiring recommendations Advice from the industry's top experts Input from chefs and restaurant owners around the world ...and much, much more Make your restaurant dream a reality with this foolproof guide.

      "The variables of the restaurant business are never ending and every opening presents new challenges.

      Take a moment and hedge your bet. Geordy's experience and expertise will help pave the path to a profitable long term operation.

      This is a must read for all restaurateurs."

      Chef Bradley Ogden

      "A wonderful book and I wish I had it available years ago. Would have saved a lot of sweat and money

      From dream to reality is often a perilous journey, and opening a restaurant one of the most. But this guidebook, OPENING A RESTAURANT, has got it covered. Reading it you can get it right and enjoy the ride without ever losing heart. If you start to, read the book again."

      Chef Jeremiah Tower

      "Despite the fact that almost everyone knows the road to restaurants as a successful business is literally choking with failures ... so few people heed the mortality rates and do something to avoid becoming yet another victim our profession's admittedly alluring 'siren call'. If you want to create very much better odds for yourself than others... get this book by Geordy Murphy. He is a proven performer, operator, coach and Jedi master in a very volatile world You will even enjoy the ride I bet."

      Chef Norman Van Aken

      "I learned more from my subordinates than all the books and bosses I had over my lifetime in hotels and restaurants. I knew when I first met Geordy, I was going to learn a lot. The key to hospitality is to be 'hospitable, ' Geordy is the quintessential hospitality person as well as one of the best operators I have met. I learned a lot and you will also."

      Tom Latour

      CEO/Pres Kimpton Group

      Principal Latour Hotels and Resorts/ Properties

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