Next Beautiful Blossoms - Grayscale Coloring Book for Adults

- Edition: Full pages (2 Books in One)


indgår i serie Simply Coloring by Lech

Next Beautiful Blossoms - Grayscale Coloring Book for Adults
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Bog, paperback
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Book preview: ► Click on the name Lech Balcerzak (above) and go to Author Page. See videos (1) and (2) with examples of high quality images illustrated with beautiful music by the same author. Plus the step by step coloring instructions. Enjoy the summer of twelve months of the year, while coloring the 72 stunning grayscale photographs (the book includes all pictures from Volume 1 and Volume 2). Every picture is composed to capture details that usually are not seen by an ordinary observer and transformed from color to grayscale using highly sophisticated methods invented by the artist Lech Balcerzak to achieve the best coloring results. Images are printed on one side on pure white paper weighing 55 pounds. In addition, all photographs are printed on the entire page, without margins, making them massively large and easy to color. All photographs are large, bright and easy to color, even for children (but not for little children). Medium: ☺ Markers and Gel - you can use them. They might bleed through the page, but don't worry: images are printed on one side. Use a thick cardboard or bristol and put it under your drawing.

☺☺ Colored pencils work very nicely. You'll get the best results using colored pencils instead of markers.

☺☺ Acrylic paints can make colors more vivid. You will get a really nice artistic effect using colored pencils and then dense acrylic paints on a smooth paper weighing 60 pounds (see a description below). We also offer different version of these coloring books: with white margins or printed on a smooth paper weighing 60 pounds that offers high contrast, more details and absolute sharpness. With this edition you can use colored pencils and acrylic paints concurrently. From the Author: I prefer colored pencils as the main medium. Then I put some acrylic paints on it. This is the final retouch, which strengthens the colors or changes the photograph into a painting. I also like a Matte Opaque Gel Extender Medium (also called Gelex, made by Liquitex). Sometimes acrylics are too transluent to lighten up dark areas. So you can mix Gelex with your acrylic paints to help make them more opaque. Acrylic paints must be dense, without dilution with water. If you need a bright color, just buy it ready for painting in the store. Too much water can destroy paper or photographs. You can mix acrylic colors, but you can not dilute them with water. Have a nice coloring. A Note about this Double Edition and Self-Luminous Paints: This book includes photographs from the following books: Volume 1: "Next Beautiful Blossoms" and Volume 2: "Flowers" - of series "Simply Coloring By Lech". So If you have no experience with grayscale coloring books and you made a mistake, don't worry: you can improve your works, picture by picture. If you are an advanced colorist you can paint and color using different methods. There are a lot of pictures in this book, so do not hesitate to do experiments with coloring, using other paints, gels, colors, painting techniques and crayons. For example, try using gold paint. There are also silver, metallic or copper paints. There are even paints that glow in the dark - Phosphorescent Paints also called Self-Luminous Paints (not UV paints). These paints generate different colors. Paints that glow in the dark after exposure to artificial light or sunlight. The lighting time depends on the length of exposure and the thickness of the painted layer. You can also combine classic acrylic and phosphorescent inks on a single image. In this way, the image will have two sets of colors: for viewing at night and during the day. You can color the picture, then frame it and hang it on the wall in the children's room. It will be a beautiful view.

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Bog, paperback

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