My Dearest Cupid (Full Color)

- The Entire Series. Episodes 1 - 14.


My Dearest Cupid (Full Color)
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Bog, paperback
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    Many people have experienced online dating. Some find the dream companion for which they search. Some find the game playing and anonymity of online dating extremely suspect. Others experience the emotional and financial devastation from online dating scammers. Most people entering online dating have heard the rumors of these scoundrels; they too wonder if they also may be caught in their web. Some are just plain curious to know how they operate to avoid the devastation subjected upon the vulnerable and unwitting. Make no mistake about it. Many online dating romance scammers do bring out all of the emotions, and even some passions never previously experienced, that any intimate, truly loving, relationship would invoke. That is how they are capable of amassing millions. Actually, in excess of a staggering known, over Twenty Billion Dollars a year, is being given, right now, from people trustingly involved with online con artists The FBI admits that a portion of all money swindled funnels into terrorism. The situation is frightening. Once trapped in their web of illusion and love, emotions and desires run strong. Love causes people to do incredibly stupid as well as wondrous acts. It is no wonder that these online dating scammers have perfected their performance to bleed their victims financially dry. Just as a vampire seduces their prey into submission until white from blood loss, online scammers are financial vampires, leaving their victims drained, emotionally devastated, financially ruined, and traumatized from the encounter. There seems to be no specific age, which online scammers' target. However, they do provide attractive looking photos and profess they are emotionally willing to commit to a long-term relationship. They also claim they are financially stable. These tactics used in their schemes would be experienced and will apply to any desired romance. This series exposes a victim's feelings and emotions, by providing the actual correspondence employed by the scammer. Now you can experience an online romance swindle without the emotional heartbreak and financial ruin these frauds impose on their victims.

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