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Misguided Obsessions


Misguided Obsessions
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    Bog, hæftet
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Federal surgeon Erik Reichmann searches for a contraband of medical supplies in Savannah during Sherman's March to the sea, and discovers Layla Stuart, apothecarian, midwife, and smuggler up to her neck in intrigue, she in a photo and letter he retrieved off her brother a year before. Told her twin was killed by a sawbonz, Layla believed her beau left the Yankee for dead. Erik wants revenge and his mother's ring on Layla's finger. Trying various means of seduction, he lodges in the Stuart household to find the whereabouts of the shipment and Layla's beau (thought to be her husband). He learns the truth of her marital status and against his better judgement, cannot avoid the building flames of desire for this willful woman. Layla wants no part of this Yankee, but she is weak to his advances, good looks, strange philosophy and bedside manner. Intrigue surmounts when Erik's adversary exposes the "truth" about her twin. Although Layla loses all trust in Erik, she realizes she's smitten. To discover the truth as much as these feelings tearing her apart, she takes the shipment to find her beau. Unfortunately the trap has been set. Layla is shot, literally blinded and nearly drowned until Erik rescues and heals her back to health. Layla discovers passion and unconditional love, and soon Erik convinces her to marry him before he leaves Savannah. While he follows Sherman through the Carolinas, Layla's beau returns. Blind, she still knows the truth despite his lies, and discovers the ring she use to wear is Erik's mother's. Maddened with jealousy, her beau ignites a fire to Layla's shop and home. As Erik saves her from a burning inferno, her sight returns and she is forced to make a choice between the two loves of her life.

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      Bog, hardback

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      694 g
      27 mm
      152 mm
      229 mm
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