Mindfulness For Beginners: MINDFULNESS LIVING - Achieve Happiness With 100 Meditations For The Soul


Mindfulness For Beginners: MINDFULNESS LIVING - Achieve Happiness With 100 Meditations For The Soul
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Human beings experience over 60,000 thoughts per day, but the vast majority are dedicated either to planning for the future or worrying about the past. Becoming overly concerned about the future or steeping in the pains or regrets of the past can increase levels of stress in the body, which makes people more anxious and prone to physical health problems. 

Everyone has days where everything seems to be spinning out of control, and there seems to be no way to manage the chaos. The days where you wake up late, run late to work, spill coffee on your shirt, get cut off on the road, get yelled at by your boss, spend the entire day at work in a confused frenzy, only to come home and bicker with your partner. The hormone-induced responses that occur when we're stressed out are quick to send us spiraling into emotionally dramatic, and far less peaceful dimensions.  

The good news is, mindfulness can be used as a tool for re-centering and gaining control over your anxiety and emotional reactions when you start to feel yourself spiral. Although there is no way to avoid stress and drama in daily life, mindfulness can serve as a shield of calm presence to protect your well-being. 

In Mindfulness Living You Will Learn:¿ How To Unlock Your True Purpose Through Mindfulness

¿ Re-centering Yourself

¿ Giving Your Emotions Space

¿ Making Clear Decisions

¿ Fostering True Joy

¿ Moving Mindfully in Daily Life

¿ Coming to the Present Moment

¿ Daily Guided Mindfulness Meditation With Journaling

¿ Mini Meditation Toolbox: 15 Quick and Easy Meditations to Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life

¿ 10 Quick and Easy Meditations to Ease Stress, Depression, Addiction, Anxiety, Pain, Distraction, and Loss Using Mindfulness

More Chapters Include:¿ Energy Healing- The Key to Holistic Health

¿ Energy Healing and Overcoming Suffering

¿ The Daily Energy Healing Journey

¿ Understanding Your Energy Field: Daily Energy Healing Meditation with Journaling 

¿ Protecting Your Energy Field: Daily Energy Healing Meditation with Journaling

¿ Healing Through Trapped Emotion Release

¿ Cultivating Self-Trust in your Healing Journey

¿ Mini Meditation Toolbox: 25 Quick and Easy Energy Restoration and Protection Meditations

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