Mind Bending Beliefs : Understanding Spirituality Using Psychology, Science and Metaphysics


Mind Bending Beliefs : Understanding Spirituality Using Psychology, Science and Metaphysics
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Discover how Consciousness, Beliefs, Intuition and Gratitude Shapes Our Reality,

Boosting Our Ability to Manifest a Meaningful Life of Purpose.

Manifesting desires and defining spiritual practice are essential skills to be learned. Spiritual practice doesn't require hope, faith or Biblical terms of surrender that suggest there is no control over our destiny.

Consciousness has distinct rules that, once learned, will supercharge all manifestations, reducing delivery time. Receiving greater love and prosperity, in every sense, is part of a spiritual practice.

There are different legal and scientific laws that we abide by;

however, it's connecting to Oneness with metaphysical laws that brings true freedom of choice and conscious-centred living.

Human beings are undoubtedly creatures of habit. The infamous comfort zone is the graveyard of many dead dreams and ambitions. Our biochemical and neurological systems inadvertently inflict a static life for most.

We're doomed to settle for familiarity without the conscious decision to apply free will, conscious action, and or to embrace change.

Discover the illusion of beliefs and how connecting to Oneness uncovers guidance and inspiration. Once, the world was full of wonder, and as children, our beliefs were forged from traditions that created a sense of magic in our lives.

One by one, we'd find out the truth about the tooth fairy, leprechauns and Father Christmas. The wonder slowly starts to disappear, but with every ending comes a new beginning. Perhaps we could get that feeling back.

With an open mind and a willingness to rediscover what life could be, you can lift the unseen veil between the normal and experience the magic once again.

Within Mind Bending Beliefs, you'll find ten new functions of consciousness that exist between you and the unknowable Universe. Each one is like a superpower, and once learned, you will gain simple instructions to obtain a new intuition on life.

Imagine that each function is a hidden gem in the game of life. Each one you discover maximises your ability to live prosperously.

If your current game of life is starting to feel tedious, perhaps it's time to start searching for these hidden gems? Unmask the paradigm-busting insights within this book, guaranteed to wipe away the dullness from any over-familiar life.

The landscape of your mind is a powerful force. Unfortunately, our precious attention is like a pack of horses, untrained and likely to lead in a direction that doesn't serve our best interests. Is it time to tame the pack? Once harnessed, the mind's capabilities, combined with the fundamental laws of consciousness, will open up a world of vast potential and countless opportunities.

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Anthony Augustine is an award-winning trainer, mindset coach and holds a PhD in metaphysical philosophy. As a keen observer of human behaviours, Anthony has dedicated his life to understanding the nuances of the subconscious mind and the universal laws of Oneness and consciousness.

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