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Mentoring in Higher Education: The Effects Faculty Mentoring Has on Academic Performance and Satisfaction of Students Enrolled in A Historically Black


Mentoring in Higher Education: The Effects Faculty Mentoring Has on Academic Performance and Satisfaction of Students Enrolled in A Historically Black
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The purpose of this mixed methodological study was to examine if faculty to student interaction through formalized mentoring, can be associated with the positive outcomes of academic performance and the college experience, as it relates to graduation and retention rates in a Historically Black College and University within the United States. The study provided information that may contribute to the improvement of the graduation rates of students seeking an undergraduate degree in a HBCU. Formalized mentoring can be tailored to be more personal than professional in becoming actively involved with students, who are experiencing the psychosocial risk factors, in motivating and engaging them during college enrollment (Heisserer, 2002). The underlying relationship between academic performance, graduation rate, and a student's college experience, was tested during the course of this research. The aspects of mentoring can build upon friendship, self-esteem, confidence, and acceptance among others, in overcoming academic failure (Zagenczyk et al., 2009). There is a great need for nurturing of students attending a Historically Black College and University, in promoting successful outcomes and in improving the graduate rates on a national level. The results of this study will provide administrators with important answers on how a formalized mentoring program, can contribute to successful academic performance and student satisfaction for students attending a HBCU. Mentoring can also influence matriculation, academic achievement and completion of course in earning a college degree. The Education Commission of the States (2004) focus on the goal of retaining students upon entry into an institution, while helping them to complete their undergraduate requirement within four to six years. Students, who feel pressure of psychosocial risk factors, must be persistent in fitting into the college environment, through the development of social interaction, self-confidence and eng

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