Memoir's of a Stoner

- Spoken Words, Written Expressions


Memoir's of a Stoner
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Bog, paperback
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    The Stoners project All that ever was, all that is and all that will ever be - has its origin from a thought. This book is designed to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves on an individual bases or as a collective of "friends, family, co-workers, associates, acquaintances, lovers, class mates & faculty." Here's how it works; As an Individual - you can simply use this book as a daily diary or journal, with the opportunity of having your thoughts published for free or you could keep it privately on your shelf. As a Collective - there is several fun and creative options; 1 - you begin the process as the owner / initiator of the book by expressing your thoughts on a page or two and then pass the book on two others and have them do the same and so on until its completed. 2 - upon completion, you can keep the book for yourself or you can send it to the address listed in the back of the book to have it published for free - so that you and your collective / the people within your social network(s) will have the opportunity to see their words published and share them not only with their family and friend but with the world... 3 - this really gets to be fun when you begin to include people you don't know, treating this book like a chain letter that will be published for the world to read. Here's how this works; everyone gets one page to write whatever they would like, put their name, date & social network(s) contact information at the bottom of the page and then mail or give the book to someone they don't know and so on until the book is completed which is on the 260th page. On the 261st page, you can write a note and ask the last person to send the book to the address on the 262nd so that it could be published for free - so everyone will have access to it. So get creative, have fun and write...

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