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Medallion of God


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Medallion of God
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The Medallion of God or God's Medaillon is a Logical Biblical Analysis for Monotheists of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Other Religions Who are Looking for World Peace. This book intends to bring people from monotheistic religions closer to each other. But the content of this book does not mean to insult any person faithful in any religion whatsoever. To the contrary, this book intends to bring Jews, Christians, and Muslims, therefore, the members of the three monotheistic religions who believe in the same God with the following thought: Would it not be profitable, if only for World Peace, to proceed from one comprehensive World Religion? Those humans who belong to the three monotheistic religions believe in the same God, but they have constructed different religious paths for finding their way to the same God. Why should there not be a monotheistic World Religion where all three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are together, and instead of referring to themselves as 'I am a Christian', 'I am a Jew', or 'I am a Muslim', their believers would say,'I am a Monotheist!'In sum, reading this book makes sense particularly for people who are at a certain religious level and with that, have the maturity to believe in something that most people cannot see, but feel. Through the illogical statements of diverse religions and philosophical theses, modern people can often only utter words such as, 'I believe in a higher spiritual being', or, 'I believe in the light', because the so-called enlightened human being has difficulty owning up to God - because of the often unqualified and almost fanatical statements of diverse religious leaders. To people who believe in nothing, or atheists who declare that everything is over after our earthly death, I recommend not reading this book. You will reach a different insight sometime in another earthly life. This book explains all questions about the meaning of life and you will receive a logical answer to every question, including an explanation independent of the current monotheistic religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. I simply wanted to present the opportunity to my children, to experience Bible lessons of a special kind. For, parents can and should enlighten their children themselves and they should explain to them the meaning of our human lives. The contents of this book will solve many riddles of the Bible and other religious books, too, and you will experience for yourselves, page by page, how unique it is to carry the knowledge about the 'wisdom of being' within yourselves and to have reactivated and strengthened your faith. Jean-Pierre L. Schupp

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    E-bog, ePub
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