Match Maker

- Gay Romance Erotica


Match Maker
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Bog, paperback
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    It was just a fantasy, a passing fancy I would eventually get over. I couldn't accept that I might be having homosexual desires... Maury Jr. will be off to college in a few months, leaving his devoted, gay father a lonely empty-nester. Determined to find his pop a long-term partner to make him happy, Maury decides to do the gayest thing he's ever going to do: play matchmaker. Maury Sr. is still young and good looking, and there's nothing a little scheming and a great personal ad couldn't fix One heartfelt email brings tears to Maury Jr.'s eyes. Eddie Morgan, a gay teacher at the local high school, just might be the guy to complete their family. Handsome, cultured and earnest, Eddie is also going through his own heartbreak and is ready to find love anew. When Maury Jr. meets Eddie, he knows Eddie will be perfect. The question is... for him, or his father? Maury Jr. is pretty sure he's straight, but why is he scoping out another man? And how far is he willing to "test" just how perfect Eddie could be? *A gay romance for mature audiences Sample 1 This is really going to sound strange, so read slowly, and let it all sink in. My father is gay, very gay. I am straight, as straight as one can be. My dad has never hidden his sexual preference from me. He has often brought men home, and after getting me settled in bed, he would invite the men to his bedroom. He always closed both our doors. It didn't matter. As I grew older and recognized the sounds of love, I knew full well what was going on behind those closed doors. I didn't have to be taught to respect Dad's privacy, I did it out of natural common sense. Sample 2 Then I realized that in just a few months, I would be off to college, perhaps never to return as a member of this household. The thought of it chilled me, and I couldn't imagine what that was doing to my father. He'd be all alone, an empty nester. When I realized how imminent our parting was to be, I decided to do the gayest thing I knew. I was going to be a match maker for my father. The problem is, I knew my father's two or three close friends, but I didn't know any gay men who might be a suitable match for him. I certainly didn't know how to go out and find one.

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