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Mason's Resolution

- A DeMented Sons MC Novel


Mason's Resolution
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Bog, paperback (kr. 119,95) (kr. 152,56)
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Watching your best friend find happiness and salvation can cultivate a longing and desire for that level of devotion. Even if that wasn't what you thought you were looking for. Mason Lange had always been the fun, happy, life of the party guy. But sometimes laughter covers deep wounds. He loved the Army and being a spotter for his best friend, Colton, but injuries and loss ended his desire to continue putting his life on the line. Haunted, he returns home to join the Demented Sons MC in an effort to find the comradery he lost. Betrayal and a promise to his sister had resolved him to trust lightly and never ruin another's relationship. But when the club goes to Vegas to celebrate his best friend's wedding, he meets the woman who will bring him to his knees. Becca Kannan grew up wild, carefree and happy. "No party too big" was her motto. When she became an elementary school art teacher she knew she needed to curb her wild ways and put on the respectable hat. She thought Trevor was the perfect man to keep her on the straight and narrow. Not to mention, her parents think he's perfect and she fears leaving him would just be another disappointment to them. But wearing a shell of someone she's not, eventually smothers her. Vegas, for her best friend's wedding, is the perfect opportunity to let loose, have fun and find herself again. She never expected to find the man who would complete her. A misunderstanding ends their relationship before it can begin and it takes the disintegration of Becca's job and life as she knows it, to put him back in her path. As soon as Mason and Becca are in the same room together, the undeniable chemistry they share sends sparks flying. Can they learn to open their hearts and trust each other enough to build something lasting from the flames? Or will they let their past heartaches destroy the possibilities of their future. Mason's Resolution is a story of the masks two stubborn souls feel obligated to display to their friends and families. A story of resolutions born from hurt, and how love can overcome it all, if only they have the courage to let go.

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    16 mm
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