Madi No Excuses!


Madi No Excuses!
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Do you know Madi Sharma? Have you heard about the phenomena known as the 'Madi Effect'? Have you already received a 'Commitment Bead'? When I asked around, different people gave me very different definitions of their understanding of the 'Madi Effect'. Someone called Madi a "human magnet", others said, "A tsunami of energy", "I carry her bead with me everywhere", "I have heard her speeches three times and I can't wait till she speaks here again". I call her a wake-up call that every individual should receive once in their lives that is why I asked Madi if we could write a book together to empower human capital globally. I never thought she would insist my name went on the front cover too - the 'Madi effect' in action.

While reading this book, you will be having a conversation with Madi. You get to sit down with Madi and start a journey that starts with her incredible story and finishes with you achieving your ambitions. She asks questions which require you to reflect very deeply about yourself and your life (and it will be uncomfortable at times); the opportunities you may be letting slip and the challenges you canovercome. As part of this journey, she gives you your own "Commitment Bead" which is unique in the world ... just like you!

Instructions to claim your free Commitment Bead are contained within the book.

You are reading this book because the time is right for you - NOW! You are, in effect, ready to be a 'Madinaut'. Someone ready to make the necessary changes in their life by going out in search of solutions to achieve their 'Absolute Commitment'. So what's an Absolute Commitment you ask? Well, it is your purpose, your legacy, the overarching objective to all your goals. And it is more than likely that you have never even considered it ...after all, 95 percent of people cannot do the 'Blank Piece of Paper' exercise set by Madi.

Through this book, Madi tells you how she transformed her life from 'Victim to Change-Maker'. And she'll be the first to tell you if she could do it, so can you. But how exactly? Very simply; a Blank Piece of Paper, a Commitment Bead and the '7 Fs', which Madi applied and applies every day to achieve her 'Absolute Commitment'. Madi is not introducing any revolutionary, new ideas or anything that youdo not already know. However, over 26,000 people already have their personal Commitment Bead and are transforming their lives through the techniques Madi uses, myself included!

This is not a self-help book, nor is it a book on entrepreneurship for which Madi is most well-known. It is a series of tasks set by your personal mentor. If you achieve your 'Absolute Commitment' Madi achieves hers. So what is Madi's 'Absolute Commitment'? Madi aims to turn 7 billion ideas into action. We are talking about ideas that could make world poverty history; ideas that could give future generations a cleaner, sustainable earth; ideas that could end corruption; ideas that can create jobs, transform communities and empower individuals....the horizon on his is truly infinite? There are no limitations on what you wish to do, nor how you wish to do it. All you have to do it to start this journey with Madi and go through the entire process.

Gandhi Said "You must be the Change YOU want to see.

Madi says "You must be the Change YOU want to see - NO EXCUSES! "

Will you be the Change with us?

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