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Lunch Break


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Lunch Break
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  1. Beskrivelse

    In the small town of Foxchester, four employees at the billing office for St. Francis Medical Center use their lunch break for more than eating.  Targeting a different local business each week, Dean, Bunny, Helga and Lori supplemented their income by robbing the place.  For nearly six months, they managed to evade capture by local law enforcement.




    Jesse Nardelli, lead singer for the band Mardi Gras, finished touring and decided to visit his friend, Dave.  He never expected to be a victim of kidnaping.  That was the fate he suffered after witnessing Dean and his cohorts robbing an auto parts store.  After being drugged and dumped in the woods of New Hampshire, he survived.  Unfortunately, all memory of the ordeal was gone.  He could not identify Dean.




    Chelsea Esposito, another St. Francis employee, wound up in the woods with Jesse.  She had been at the auto parts store too.  Fighting for survival, they never formed a relationship.  They were lucky enough to be rescued by Dr. Michael Duganiero though.  He would turn out to be the new man in Chelsea's life.




    Eleanor Birtolo, also a medical biller for St. Francis, becomes the advocate for the elderly in her town of Walwood.  When she puts together a fund raiser to build a senior center, the potential for a cash windfall is astronomical.  The event is held in the lot of the St. Francis billing office.  Money raised for the event would be stored in the office manager's safe until Monday morning.




    Dean, Bunny, Helga and Lori believe this will be their easiest heist to date.  When they commit the crime that fateful Sunday afternoon, all goes wrong.  Chelsea and Michael are also there to witness the carnage.  In the end, many lives are changed.  A lunch break at the St. Francis billing office will never be the same.

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