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Love Triangle: Object of Desire


Love Triangle: Object of Desire
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    Bog, hardback
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Trying to heal after being emotionally torn, it took much time and effort to build strength again, allowing me to come into my own and find a sense of identity. I had loved and lost, but having friends and purpose is what held me together. That and making a fresh start allowed me to explore the unknown with an open mind. Encouraged by friends go on a cruise, life took a completely different direction, with unexpected surprises. A nightmare had come to an end and my life sailed into a dream! I found the love you always wished for, but never thought existed. What games do you play when you find the man of your dreams? Was it real or might I wake up, just to realize I had lost him after all? Believing a lie, I vanished without a trace into the mist. When my love chased after me to claim what was his, I wondered if this romance would ever truly work. We had known each other for such a short while, yet there was no way he was ever going to let me go! Getting married in less than a month tested our faith and our trust. Would the fabric of our love prove to be strong enough when an old flame tried to assert his rights? Instead, it strengthened our bond and intensified our love, even to our surprise. The focus on family and the love we both longed for were clear from the start. We would challenge each other and experience an excitement beyond compare! Real love knows no bounds and has no concept of time or reason, and the heart wants what it needs. The rest is perception. For the first time we feel as though we’ve found the kind of love that keeps us whole…

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