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Living Vicariously at the Movies: From Real to Reel


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Living Vicariously at the Movies: From Real to Reel
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Written for people who can't handle reality unless it's scripted for them and offering direction on how others would like to see them act in theirs, Living Vicariously at the Movies features a film catalogue of over 2,500 jokes and one-liners that will bring to life the roles of a lifetime. Willidau has found that living a life as himself was a character people were screening out of theirs and shows viewers how they can be anyone they want to be on someone else's stage. Ken Willidau's philosophy is that if you can't decide who you want to be you might as well act like someone that others are willing to pay for it to be seen by based on what paid off for them. Willidau features all the characteristics of a blockbuster and has memorized the lines to play the roles of his lifetime. Chapters review the screening of a show of shows using a script of jokes and one-liners that produces a book that really sets the stage from any angle. Among them, "A Star is Born", "Citizen Kane", "Imitation of Life", "Psycho", "Alien", "Jurassic Park" and "Gone With the Wind" make the day one for your viewing pleasure and make you laugh and cry tears of wonderment to give you a feeling like you're living a life you could be a fan of, too. The day is spent with a narrator of jokes using wit, dark humour, jokes that could be yours if you can memorize those lines, sayings and double entendre humour. Spending your day with Ken will show you how you can play yourself out, right now, if you just weren't yourself to be what you actually are to others, if you're willing to play your part in it and not just directing yourself in a life portraying a Marquee de Sad. Living Vicariously at the Movies is the perfect read when life is getting far, far, far too dramatic when a little comedy is what you'd really like to sink your teeth into a role with, hopefully a little meat in it. Shh! The show is about to start.

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