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Lisbon - A photographic travel guide


Lisbon - A photographic travel guide
E-bog, PDF (kr. 18,00) (kr. 18,00)
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E-bog, PDF
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The book is a photographic guide book to Lisbon, and the nearby location of the town Sintra 25 km from Lisbon.

    Since a picture tells more than 1000 words, this is the primary focus of this book, and I hope to give you an impression of the atmosphere and the highlights of the city in a visual way.

    Since the content is mostly visual, I have a page at the end of the book with a number of links that can be relevant, if you have the need of more specific information on Portugal and Lisbon.

    Lisbon has a long history to its name being the oldest city in Western Europe predating London, Paris and Rome by centuries, starting from the Neolithic period, where the region was inhabited by pre-Celtic tribes.

    With this history the city have today a mix of historic places to show, also taking into account the more modern history with explorer Vasco da Gama Portuguese expeditions to India and South America, the city’s many churches and mixed population of people where approximately 30 % is coming from earlier Portuguese colonies.

    So if you are looking for at authentic city with atmosphere, yellow tramways and friendly population, Lisbon can supply you with unique experiences.

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