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Lifestyle Changing Cooking - Be... - A Love story for inspiration to lose weight


Lifestyle Changing Cooking - Be... - A Love story for inspiration to lose weight
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E-bog, PDF
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Lifestyle Changing Cooking - Be...

    A love story for inspiration to lose weight

    Reflection Cook Book

    A story about, how love made bridge over a big difference of age at 23 years and got a retired English man to pay the price of love.

    Quotes from the wedding speech:

    Once upon a time there was a prince and a princess. They were living in different countries with a big sea between them.

    But on a special holiday the princess and the prince meat in a beautiful garden for tea under a tree.

    The prince had noticed that the princess was very beautiful, in fact she was gorgeous. She ticked all his boxes. But she was walking backwards down the stairs and he wondered how that could be.

    So he asked her.

    “Oh” – the princess said. “I have had an little accident, and I have to walk like this, not to be in pain. Sometimes it is so awful – that I´m not able to sleep at night because of pain – just like “The princess and the pea””.

    “Oh dear, oh dear” the prince said . “I will see, if I can help you.”

    The princess was very happy to hear, that also a prince could help her.

    The prince went to his advisers, and he was told, that he could help the princess, but it had a price.

    He had to leave his kingdom to live with the princess in her kingdom.

    The prince told her that her eyes was beautiful as the blue flowers in his garden, and she was just as beautiful as the roses as well. And that he had magic hands. He picked up the most beautiful love songs he knew and send them to her on email. And the prince also asked her if her lips were kissable."

    "But it had a price to come to this country. The prince had to learn new ways to live and a new language as well. So "SKÅL" was his first word.

    After a year in fairy tale land, the princess and the prince celebrated their love with a wedding with their beautiful family and lovely friends from all over the world nearly and they lived their lives happily until the end of their time.

    There, This a true story."

    "Lifestyle Changing Cooking - Be…" became our recipe for a better life.

    A untraditional and unique structure of recipes and how they are cooked.

    21 divine recipes of mother nature herself!

    Vegetables that grow above the ground.

    Hear the angels sing in each meal!

    Our motto:

    As much nourishment and taste in the recipes as possible!”

    This diet is not a diet!

    This diet is about LIFESTYLE CHANGING COOKING.

    From now on you will be on a lifestyle changing journey; full of creativity, colours, taste and enjoyment.

    We hope to be able to inspire others to start a creative process themselves in the kitchen with a weight loss in mind.

    We are focused on organic and quality food.

    No processed food.

    The recipes are free of:

    Animal fat and farmed fish

    Dairy products

    Eggs, gluten and soy

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