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Life Speaks: Challenging Moments Are Our Greatest Gifts


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Life Speaks: Challenging Moments Are Our Greatest Gifts
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  1. Beskrivelse

    “I hate to be the one to break it to you, but your life is begging you to change.”

    Your life is trying to wake you up. Messages are trying to get your attention. Lessons are mirrored to you daily in the experiences and the people you encounter. The struggles you face are often gifts you don’t want to open. Eventually you have to stop running and ask yourself, ‘What is the cost of silencing myself and selling out?’

    In Life Speaks: Challenging Moments Are Our Greatest Gift, Cathy Yost will show you how to:

    Trust your intuition, what to look for and how to take action See pain, challenge, heartache and struggles as invitations to growth and expansion Challenge resistance through thoughtful inquiry and daily, ongoing practice Recognize the subtle ways that change manifests After reading Life Speaks you will see how synchronicities conspire to guide us in our daily lives.  You will be drawn to examine your personal belief systems and compelled to unravel the ties that bind you to a life that isn’t serving your highest purpose. You will be inspired to take risks, ask questions and dig deeper into your heart in search of your personal truth. Cathy’s story will invite you to explore your faith in the Universe and ask you to take a bold leap into unknown territory.

    You will be moved to take action in your own life and be eager to turn the page on your story with faith, courage and the determination to lead a life that reflects your highest self and the values you hold dear.

    Life speaks to us. All of our choices, or lack of choices, are right here in this moment. Get out of your own way and accept this invitation to grow.



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