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Ketogenic Diet


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Ketogenic Diet
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Bog, paperback (kr. 59,95) (kr. 76,54)
  1. Beskrivelse

    Do you want to Achieve Rapid Weight Loss and Live a Healthy Life?

    Are you a Keto beginner and want to understand how to Stay in Ketosis?

    Maybe, you managed to trigger Ketosis and lose some weight but somehow stalled and fell off and now you don't know what to do.....

    Or, you are one of those who knows all the Ketogenic Diet benefits but can't get started because you get overwhelmed by all the details about what to eat and what to avoid.

    If you have experienced any of these challenges, this book is a must read

    Now you can Overcome Mistakes, Achieve Rapid Weight Loss and Live a Healthier Life This guide will help you STAY on the right path and ACHIEVE your WEIGHT LOSS TARGETS. This book outlines the MINDSET and LIFESTYLE CHANGES you need to make. It is your guide to Rapid Weight Loss Without Starving.

    This Keto Diet Guide will help you:

    Convert your body from a SUGAR BURNER to FAT BURNER

    Overcome the 12 Mistakes that are keeping you away from Rapid Fat Loss

    Understand Why we get FAT and why LOW CARB KETOGENIC DIET is the most effective way to to LOSE WEIGHT

    What types of foods to EAT and what to AVOID

    Learn the 8 LONG TERM health BENEFITS of Keto apart from accelerated weight loss

    For those struggling to Stay in Ketosis, this book will explain you:

    How KETOSIS is Triggered

    How to keep your body in Ketosis for as long as your want

    How to asses your Lifestyle Mistakes and get right back on track if you fall off Ketosis

    How EXERCISE can actually lead to WEIGHT GAIN

    Why STRESS and SLEEP DEPRIVATION is as dangerous as eating carbs

    How is this Book Different ?

    This book is more than an EXPANDED MEAL PLAN. It will help you understand

    The SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES behind weight gain.

    Why the concept of Calorie IN Calorie OUT is WRONG.

    How HUMAN METABOLISM works and how to use that to burn fat.

    Steps required to convert your body from a Sugar Burner to a Fat Burning Machine.

    Proven Benifits of Ketogenic Diet: Your waist line receding and all that flab on your tummy a thing of the past.

    A reinvigorated sex drive and hunger pangs a thing of the past.

    Feeling amazing about yourself and having more energy throughout the day.

    Having a reduced risk of Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer.

    These Goals are 100% achievable But only when you eliminate the CRITICAL MISTAKES outlined in this book. Say goodbye to your body fat and welcome the new leaner, fitter and healthier you

    Don't hesitate, pick up your copy NOW by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page

    ***Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Download Now ***

    A Personal Note from the Author: My husband and I have been on Keto Diet for 3 years now. I am sharing our journey so far in a series of books. The first book in the series. This book blends 3 years of my personal experience on Keto Diet with countless anecdotes from friends and family who struggled in their weight loss pursuits.

    I have gone through all the struggles you can imagine while trying to lose weight. Ketogenic Diet has changed my life and I hope the same for you

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