Kentucky Hearts


Kentucky Hearts
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Bog, paperback
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    Kentucky Bride: Champion equestrienne Aimee Elliott wants to be in taken seriously. An over-protected only child, she's tired of being just window dressing. Refusing financial support from her parents, Aimee goes to work for a horse trainer. For the first time, she's free of her parents' control. Determined to marry for love, Aimee can never be sure if a man loves her for herself or for her father's millions. Besides, she's unsure if she can make it without Daddy's money. Camden Brennan owes the man who adopted him a lot. Now CEO of his father's heavy equipment company, Cam stands to win a million dollar contract-if he can convince eccentric Ray Elliott to accept his bid. Too worried about the behavior of his only daughter to concentrate on negotiations, the road construction magnate makes it clear to Cam that he'll show his gratitude to any man who marries his daughter and takes her off his hands. Realizing if he captures the hand of the wayward Miss Aimee Elliott, he'll also capture the biggest deal of his life, Cam sets out to do just that. Trouble is, six years earlier, their summertime fling ended badly. Aimee is the only woman who's ever rejected him, and the only woman Cam has ever loved. Kentucky Heat: Playboy Hank Brennan stopped caring about the family business years ago when his superhero stepbrother took control. Hank can't win at anything, let alone please his critical father who believes oil paint and canvas are poor substitutes for responsibility and hard work. But Hank is a talented painter with an artist's soul. Who better to understand a down-on-his-luck, starving artist than another performer with the voice of an angel? Raylynn Walker is a part-time country music singer at night and a horse trainer by day. She's been wounded too, but doesn't need to fix another lost soul. Yet she recognizes Hank's talent, and he sure turns her on. Is he really a jerk or is there more to Hank Brennan than anyone knows? Kentucky Groom: Jay Preston walked away from the family empire he helped to build. He needs a break, and a temporary stable job in Kentucky seems just right. That is, until he meets Carrie Mercer. A woman this beautiful isn't going to be impressed with a guy who grooms horses for a living. Yet, he's always wanted to be loved for himself, not his millions, so telling her the truth is out of the question. Carrie Mercer can't possibly be falling in love with the groom at her daughter's stable. She's a widowed mother with heavy responsibilities. Yet the handsome groom is a real gentleman. He's everything she ever wanted in a man. She has a feeling there's something he's not telling her, and Carrie intends to find out just what it is.

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