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Katzscan of Islam

- World's Largest Encyclopedia of Insults Against Islamofascism. Vol.1


Katzscan of Islam
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Book "KATZscan of Islam" has no analogs. It consists of truthful scientific research of Quran and Hadith as well as 80 sharp cartoons, 600 aphorisms, barbs, jokes, satirical boomerangs against hatred and medieval intolerance. There is no explosion more dangerous than the explosion of truth. All aphorisms and cartoons are commandos armed with arrows of satire to fight the swine flu of islamofascism. Dear Readers, I excavated an ancient military manual, no surprise it smells quite peculiar. Islam is a war, Quran is not a peace, ISIS is a way to Apocalypse. God did not create me to be Moses, but he did create me to be Ilya Katz, God offered me a chance to be a fighter and I couldn't turn it down. In a fearful time, I try to be one of the fearless. I do not know how to use weapons. I am a religious man, but nobody can stop me from shooting satirical arrows into indecent creatures. This book is my satirical stake in the rotten body of resurrected Islamofascism. Like cancer, which must be radically treated before it metastasizes; the roots of medieval evil must be pulled out before they sprout branches. I am trying to disgrace, degrade and diminish overblown demonical jihadists-cannibalists to the level of blood thirsty rats and cockroaches. It is not recommended to look into the muzzle of the loaded gun, but pry-open this book. Please study my aphorisms and cartoons in daytime; it is too scary to do so at night. If we will not understand the urgency of our situation with the help of brains, later it will be too painful to do it with the other parts of the body. Gloves off, America Time to stand tall in defense of our values, our civilization and the future of our children. "If not we, who else? If not now, then when?" Professor ILYA KATZ, Satirical Crusader

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