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Ka AB Ba Building the Lighted Temple

- Metaphysical Keys to the Tree of Life


Ka AB Ba Building the Lighted Temple
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Bog, paperback (kr. 309,95) (kr. 369,69)
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The book KaAbBa Building The Lighted Temple/Metaphysical Keys to the Tree of Life draws a circle that is inclusive of the Afrikan origin of the Ancient Kemetic/Egyptian wisdom. It reveals the undeniable root and link of Ancient Africa to all the religious systems that would develop worldwide. This book is explosive in its power to convey the meaning of KaAbBa, the Medu Neter (words of divine speech) revealing Humanity's Spiritual Journey of Unfolding Consciousness. When understood, it is plain to see that the Ancient Africans had an enlightened and elaborate Psychological and Spiritual system for shaping the highest character and moral development, long before modern day religions and Psychoanalytic theory. The One God; the Trinity of Ausar, Auset and Heru; the transmigration of the Soul; the resurrection of the Ka-rest within (later called the Christ by the Christians) and more are all revealed in the Afrikan Spiritual system. One cannot tell the story of the Spiritual Journey of Unfolding Human Consciousness with all the necessary inclusivity required, unless they are willing to tell the truth about the Greatness of the Black Race to World Civilization. One minute we are Sages, the next moment we are savages. What a conundrum Much in the literature draws a smaller circle that veils, degrades or is exclusive of the Afrikan root source and contribution. In this book the reader will find a Holistic Spiritual Practice for Self Transformation revealing: Knowledge of the immortality of the Soul; guidance in managing the daily affairs through living life in accord with Maat, the laws of the Universe.

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