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    Bog, hardback
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      It's amazing how God works! Would you ever imagine that you would be where you are today, or accomplish some of the amazing goals you have achieved over the years? God doesn't make mistakes and everything that has happened to you is a part of His divine plan and purpose for your life. Each step of the journey brings you one step closer to your destiny. Destiny is not a destination, but your unique quest to reach your ultimate place in life. Your journey is not for judgment or critics, but to assess your relationship and walk with your Creator. Have we all made mistakes, questioned God, and have wondered why these things have happened to you? Have you accepted the fact that you are unique and you have a specific purpose in life? Maybe you are experiencing difficulties or having problems grasping who you are, why you are here, or what can you contribute to the growth of the Kingdom? I know I was once there and throughout this book I expressed my true heartfelt feelings as it relates to this spiritual journey. There is a continuing battle between my spirit and my mind. Looking at the young boy I was, and the young man I became, and how God has transformed me into the man I am today. This is my journey to this point in my life. Not saying that I have all the answers, but I keep pressing until I reach the prize that God has for me, and I challenge you to do the same. Strive for perfection, reach for that prize, and overcome each obstacle that may come in your path. Know that God is in control of your destiny and each step is a step closer to you realizing your divine purpose in life. It's through poetry that I get a chance to converse with God and have a dialog that's both frustrating yet very rewarding. It's in those moments that I am true with Him and I hear Him speaking directly to me. I never felt comfortable talking to others, but I found a friend in Jesus who I could express all of my thoughts, fears, ambitions, and aspirations. Through poetry I could speak my mind without worrying about what others felt about it. Poetry went from an outlet to a passion which I continue on to this day. The book may end yet the journey will continue. Let your Journey begin today, and watch how far God will take you.

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