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Jackass Is My Family's Name


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Jackass Is My Family's Name
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    1. Beskrivelse

      In a small town known as Animalville, lived several friendly and kind-hearted families. Each of these families resided in this small town for many, many generations. They believed in the importance of family, values, culture, and ethics. It was a tradition within the community to offer a helping hand to others. Their religious beliefs even made it customary to treat animals with respect and royalty. The townspeople believed that the animals protected baby Jesus. For this very reason, the animals were restricted from being hunted for sport, killed or eaten as food. Animals were strictly used to help tend to the land in Animalville. However, there was one animal with a more specific function. Since it was believed that the mule carried Mary, the mother of baby Jesus, the mule was only used to carry things. Furthermore, the townspeople all shared one interesting tie to the animals that lived around them. Once a family owned their land, their last name was based on the most abundant animal that resided on their farm. As this tradition continued, chance would have it that several families shared the same last name. As time passed, it became more and more difficult to give directions from one family's house to another. Nevertheless, the day came when Mr. and Mrs. Darnell Mule's family was finally going to travel and see the world. This trip was planned for several years and the day of their departure had finally arrived. However, they were still awaiting the arrival of very important paperwork that would allow them to travel abroad to visit other countries. The Mules' saved mostly all of their resources for years and even sold their farm and farm animals, but they were not able to sell one little old mule. This was not going to hinder them from traveling and accomplishing their dreams. Nonetheless, there was one piece of mail standing in the way between the family and their flight, a traveling visa that was set to arrive two days prior to their departure. This was e

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      286 g
      8 mm
      152 mm
      229 mm
      Outskirts Press
      Bog, hardback
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